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Newest-latest date???

This is from the website. So if you did not get signed up yet-try this out!!


“We know many of you have been working hard to finish enrolling in a health plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Even though we have passed the December 23 enrollment deadline for coverage starting January 1, we don’t want you to miss out if you’ve been trying to enroll.

Sometimes despite your best efforts, you might have run into delays caused by heavy traffic to, maintenance periods, or other issues with our systems that prevented you from finishing the process on time. If this happened to you, don’t worry – we still may be able to help you get covered as soon as January 1.

Contact the Marketplace call center at 1-800-318-2596 (available 24/7; closed December 25). TTY: 1-855-889-4325.

Tell our customer service representative that you’ve been trying to enroll and explain why you couldn’t finish by the deadline. They can tell you what you can do to finish your enrollment and still get covered for 2014.

Don’t miss out on the health coverage you need. We can help you finish your enrollment”

Tell us how you got along with this!

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ACA – last day for Jan 1,2014 start-delayed again!

Today was supposed to be it!! If you wanted health insurance to start Jan. 1, 2014 today was the last day you could sign up. Open enrollment continues to 3/31/2014 of course.

Well, The Washington Post is reporting administration IT officials tweaked’s software over the weekend, pushing the deadline back until Christmas Eve.

The original deadline was set for Dec.15.

People signing up for coverage through the federal exchange now have until 11:59 p.m. on Christmas Eve to sign up for coverage.

Most of the insurance companies have also delayed to mid January when enrollees have to pay their premium for coverage starting Jan 1-2014!!

Its not too late –Call me 602-616-1660! or go direct to – don’t forget our FMM ID- EWALTERS37 and NPN- 8594684 when asked for your broker’s details


Individual/family health plan cancelled?

Individual/family health plan cancelled?

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), people facing the cancellation of health insurance plans will be allowed to buy catastrophic coverage, and be temporarily exempt from the individual mandate penalties in 2014.

The individual mandate includes a “hardship exemption.” People who qualify for this exemption can purchase a less expensive, bare-bones catastrophic insurance plan that was previously reserved for people under 30.

The administration agreed that having your insurance plan canceled counted as “an unexpected natural or human-caused event.”

According to HHS, the exemption covers people who “experienced financial or domestic circumstances, including an unexpected natural or human-caused event, such that he or she had a significant, unexpected increase in essential expenses that prevented him or her from obtaining coverage under a qualified health plan.”

According to HHS, if your individual market health insurance policy has been canceled:

You will be eligible for a hardship exemption and will be able to enroll in catastrophic coverage.
In order to purchase catastrophic coverage, you need to complete a hardship exemption form, and indicate that your current health insurance policy is being canceled and you consider other available policies unaffordable.
This exemption can also be used to temporarily waive the individual mandate penalties for 2014.

HHS information/hardship form: