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Looking for new health insurance coverage?

Yes Open Enrollment is now closed for anyone looking for coverage AND a tax credit ( new Enrollment Period starts 11/15/2014) but there are many other alternatives available-ask me how!

PLUS you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period for health insurance AND the tax credit- -let us check for you.

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Employers -looking for tax credits for your employee health costs?

SHOP the marketplace for small employers -(less than 50 employees) who are looking to get tax credits on their employee health insurance premium contributions has 2 new tools to help employers.

The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit was created by the Affordable Care Act in 2010 to help defray the health care expenses of small employers with low-to-moderate wage employees.

Since this tax credit became available in 2010, small employers have claimed more than $1.5 billion in tax credits for their contributions to employee premium costs.
Starting in 2014, the value of the tax credit increased substantially, and is now worth as much as 50% of an employer’s premium costs

but is only available for employers buying a SHOP Qualified Health Plan


It is based on a sliding scale so the fewer than 50 employees you have and the lower the average annual wage than $50,000, the bigger the tax credit.

The first tool is to check the eligibility and the 2nd is to tell employers their likely tax credit.

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End of Enrollment Period- No coverage?- we have alternatives for you.

The end of the 2014 enrollment period does not mean you have to be wIthout any health insurance coverage!!

We offer Short term medical coverage ( the next Open Enrollment period ends 3/31/2917 ) to cover you until then, also Indemnity coverage which pays you for doctor’s office visits, hospitalization, ER costs, pharmacy costs, etc, etc.and which are generally much cheaper .

Heard of Aflac??

PLUS- divorced, married, adopted, new job, old job finished, employer cancelling insurance coverage, moved, etc- then you have a Special Enrollment Period where you can get that ACA  coverage with that Tax Credit!! Let us check for you!!

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EricEnd of Enrollment Period- No coverage?- we have alternatives for you.