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The Health Insurance Marketplace- know your rights!


Enrolling in a Marketplace QHP ( Qualified Health Plan)?

Understand your rights when enrolling in a Marketplace QHP, including how to get easy-to-understand information about what the plan covers, out-of-pocket costs, drug coverage, and more by reviewing The Health Insurance Marketplace: Know Your Rights.

Being informed is a consumer’s best protection against fraud when enrolling in coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Help yourself by reviewing and sharing the Protect Yourself from Fraud resource.

We can help you avoid unnecessary delays in completing enrollment by using the Marketplace Application Checklist to help you gather the information needed to apply for or renew coverage.

Spotlight on Eligibility and Enrollment

1)-  Medicare PDM Update: Sending Notices to Consumers


The Marketplace has begun mailing paper notices to the household points of contact of consumers who may be enrolled in a Marketplace plan with APTC and also enrolled in Medicare coverage that qualifies as minimum essential coverage (MEC). The notices include instructions on what to do to resolve this dual enrollment.



We can help consumers determined eligible for MEC Medicare, and who are consequently not eligible for a Marketplace plan with APTC (Advanced Payment Tax Credit) or income-based cost-sharing reductions.

2)- Married victims of domestic violence or spousal abandonment who are applying for coverage separately from their spouse and filing taxes separately may be determined eligible for financial assistance paying for their Marketplace plan.

3)- We can assist a consumer who is currently enrolled in health coverage through the Marketplace, but who needs to decide if an offer of employer-sponsored coverage is a better deal.

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