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PPACA (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) – otherwise known as ACA or Obamarecare- is making and will be making major changes to the health insurance world in the US now and over the next few years!

However, there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty in all areas of individual and group – small and large- coverage about how everyone is being affected by the changes.

While some of that confusion and uncertainty may be caused deliberately by opponents of PPACA , a large part is caused by lack of knowledge and some is also caused by people trying to take advantage of both individual’s and employer’s uncertainty about their duties,responsibilities, notices and fees required under PPACA- for their own ,generally financial, ends.

Nothing in this blog/newsletter is meant to be legal or tax advice of any kind whatsoever. If you have any queries or doubts about any aspect of your responsibility , including the provision of any notice, payment of any fee, premiums, type of health insurance plan, co-payments, deductibles, details of coverage, etc please consult with your insurance broker, legal and/or financial advisor.


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